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AvatarAllotment girl (28.05.16)
Our first visit to this farm shop and looking forward to it as it had such good write up/reviews. Started in the flower shop and was served by a lovely, knowledgeable assistant.
We then went into the farm shop itself. Not as much choice as other farm shops we have been to, but the main thing that struck us was the atmosphere. In the back part of the shop was an older male member of staff apparently harrasing a female customer who clearly did not want to engage. We then went to pay for our produce. With no one at the tills, we realised that one of the female staff was serving a customer who had gone to get other goods. The other girl then asked the people behind us to come round and be served. Both girls were completely gormless. When we commented that we were next, the staff were extremely rude. Regardless of how good their produce may be (we don't know as we walked out), service this poor, and where customers are clearly not valued, means we will not be returning and share with our friends to steer well clear.

Rated as: Awful
Avatarwilsonschoice (06.01.14)
Ironically I have joined free range review today as I was becoming less and less happy with this vendor and wished to search for a different farm shop local(ish) to us in Cirencester. I cannot put my finger exactly on what has caused to me to have second thoughts, but just a general feeling that prices have increased and service has decreased proportionately. In thirty words or less I would say that despite the many awards Butts Farm Rare Breeds Shop have received it feels rather average from a customer's point of view.

Rated as: Average
AvatarLil (17.12.13)
Maya has a huge and interesting range of preserves with really unusual ingredients. There is a delicious marmalade called Lemon and Gin (no alcohol) and the range has a great Indian selection such as Lucknow Lime Chutney. as a cook Maya has a detailed knowledge of recipes in history; so try out one of these old recipes. I like Sweet Mustard Pickle. Her preserves can be bought in lots of places in and around Bridport.

Rated as: Excellent
AvatarLil (17.12.13)
Why buy your flavours in small expensive packets when Mike and Sue will weigh any amount of spices, dried fruits and nuts into take away bags? They also have Tamerisk Farm veg and salads as well as all the usual deli stuff. What I really like about Fruits of the Earth is they really support the Bridport community; there is a very large notice board that tells you what is currently going on.

Rated as: Excellent
Avatarfalafel (22.03.13)
These are without a doubt the best burgers in town. The service is great, the atmosphere of the pub is lovely, and the food quality is amazing. It's not your average pub burger. There is an inventive and exciting menu, of which I have now tried around 4 different options, and am yet to be disappointed. The vegetarian burgers are also excellent.

Very happy that this kitchen has opened up in Bristol :-)

Rated as: Excellent
Avatarcoe114c (02.03.13)
Johnson's was closed in 2010 due to lack of custom. However I am now launching a new website offering support to coeliacs and anyone on a gluten free diet. http://www.glutenfreefoodies.org.uk/

Rated as: Excellent
Avatarstarling (07.01.13)
I have visited this bakery about 3 times and I love it. The food is really delicious and also healthy. Gorgeous home made breads and soups, cakes etc. Also it has a lovely gift shop. It has a nice quiet and relaxing atmosphere, so I can eat in peace - a rare occurence usually when out and about! I will likely eat there every time Im in Portree. Well worth a visit.

Rated as: Excellent
Avatarecomonkey (31.12.12)
There are few High Streets in remote rural towns in Scotland that can boast a top end artisan bakery cum patisserie. OK Dunbar is not that remote - a stone's throw from Edinburgh and easy to get to by train.

So if you are on the foodie trail or enjoying bracing walks along the miles and miles of protected coast, it really is worth swinging by.

I recommend you check first that what you are looking for is on the baking list, if travelling from afar. Business is often brisk and the best stuff flies off the shelf, so come by early to avoid disappointment.

Best bakery in Britain finalists, but strangely they narrowly missed the top prize. Surely some mishtake?

Rated as: Excellent
Avatarmaggie1974 (27.12.12)
Not wholly sure what has happened to this once lovely place. Not shopped there for over 18 months (change of personal circumstances) but travel took me past their door so I couldn't resist. The atmosphere has really changed and it now seems an unhappy place. Grumpy staff and, my goodness, how much the prices have risen. It was so good and I genuinely think it has now become mediocre.

Rated as: Awful
I used Butts Farm Shop as a supplier ofr a while but have since found somewhere else that in my opinion is preferable. I had noticed a distinct reduction in the quality of service and coupled with the steadily increasing prices (also commented on by others) I felt that my custom had become very much taken for granted. Whilst I have praise for their merchandise, for me, customer service and pricing is important particularly as to find independant small scale or artisan suppliers one has to invariably travel to some degree, which incurs both a time and cost factor. When one has made the effort it is disappointing to be greeted almost as if one is an inconvenience. My suggestion is look for yourselves as your experiences may be better than my own. For pricing and often disdainful service I am, (with great sadness) only able to mark Butts Farm shop as "poor".

Rated as: Poor
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