What you need to know about freerangereview.com

Welcome to the Free Range Guide. Below you will find a list of all the questions we have been asked during testing this website and some we have not. We hope you find everything you want to know about using the site listed below. Simply click on a question to see the answer.


If you have a question that is not answered below, please send it to us using our form. Please specify the 'Ask a question' option when you do.

General FAQ's
How do I register to freerangereview.com?
Registration is quick and easy. If you are a foodie who wants to review or list a company, use the 'Add your favourite food companies!' option on the left menu. If you are a company that wants to get listed, click on the 'Are you a food company?' option. Registration only takes a few minutes at most.
There are loads of great producers in my area but none on the web site yet, how do I add them? Asked by Kath on 30/11/2007
We felt you had a valid point and it was a little confusing that in order to add a company you first needed to go through the user registration page. So we have renamed the 'user registration' page ' Add your favourite food companies!' on the left menu which we hope makes this much clearer. Thanks!
How do I update my profile?
When logged in, you will see your user menu appear in the top menu bar. Simply select profile and update the information as required. You can then hit the submit/Update option at the base of the page to complete your update.
Is it free to register?
Freerangereview.com is a free service for both companies and reviewers and there are no hidden costs.
Who's the egg with a face?
'Reggie' is the face of freerangereview.com and the voice of local food online. So named because he represents you, our registered users.
What does Beta Site mean?
Freerangereview.com is currently running as a beta version, which means its the first version released to the public. The site is fully functional although you, the user may have some questions or suggestions that we would be very keen to hear. Please contact us using the contact form if you feel there is an issue you'd like to make us aware of.
What are the icons below the content on each page?
These are social bookmarking links. Every listing on the website includes links to a range of social bookmarking/sharing websites (such as Facebook, Del.icio.us, StumbleUpon etc). These sites allow you to store, tag and share links with friends and people with similar interests across the web. So, if you come across a company that you want to save or share with other people, click on your preferred social bookmark icon.

I registered but have not received an activation email?
Freerangereview.com uses double opt in to protect the users and companies on the site. This ensures that only legitimate email accounts can use the site tools and activate their accounts. If for any reason you register but do not receive an email, please use the 'contact us' option in the left menu stating your name or company name, phone number and postcode and we will activate you by phone.
I want to list and review a company but it doesn't have an email address?
Don't worry, so long as you can provide a postcode and a phone number, companies can be verified by our system. It really speeds up the process if you can find an email address for the company you want to review and list, but if you can't, just add it without the email.
How can I contact freerangereview.com?
Freerangereview.com is a web based company so we do ask for contact to be made electronically only. A contact us page appears on the left menu of the website with a form to contact us by.
What does the name Free Range Review mean?
Free Range Review is not all about free range food. Our name goes much further than that. We encourage ALL local food companies to register and our users have free range to shout about what's great about the food on their doorsteps.
How do you define what is 'local'?
Local or regional food is open to interpretation and the subject for many hundreds of discussions globally. In essence, local food is the alternative to centrally or globally distributed food. However, this is your site and your interpretation of local is of course, open for review. We are not a campaign site and will not prevent companies from registering here, but it is up to the users to decide whether their presence is valid!
Can I get involved?
Freerangereview.com is a people website and we encourage involvement from its users in the website itself. You may have news, events, articles or ideas to share with us and we welcome it. Use our contact us page on the left menu in the first instance.
User FAQ's
Why should I register to review companies on freerangereview.com?
The aim of this site is to spread the word of good local food and support our communities. By registering your voice and support, you will help to improve the quality and availability of good local food on your doorstep and encourage others to taste the difference too. Your local food shop needs your support and your voice really does count.
What is the Reggie rating system and how does it work?
Once registered, you can rate and review the companies listed on the website. If you want to add a rating to your review, simply select the Reggie rating that is most appropriate, 'Excellent', 'Good', 'Average', 'Poor' or 'Awful'. If you don't want to rate the company or you think its inappropriate, simply select 'Rating not Relevant'.
How do I use the mapping feature?
Freerangereview.com uses the latest Google mapping systems to pinpoint registered locations. The map will show three types of Reggie Marker: One shows your location, based on your registered postcode or the postcode you use to search. One shows companies that have been rated and their Reggie Rating and the last shows companies that have not yet been rated. By clicking on a marker you will see more company details and the option to visit that companies page and profile on freerangereview.com
Why can't I find a registered company on the map?
The map has been designed to reduce your food miles and will only show the companies that are nearest to you.
How can I add or recommend a company that I buy local from?
Once you have registered and activated your account, you will see an option in the left menu to 'Add a location'. This will allow you to suggest a company to our listings. If the company is not already listed (A postcode and name check determines this), you can add it and they will receive a notification by email or phone asking for their acceptance to be added. If you plan to add a company you buy from, please make sure you have their correct contact details ready before beginning registration.
Company FAQ's
Can my company register?
If you produce or rear food for sale locally or sell local food you are free to register your company on freerangereview.com.
How does the rating system affect my company?
When a registered customer reviews your company, they also have the option to rate it too. There are 5 Reggie Ratings: 'Excellent', 'Good', 'Average', 'Poor' or 'Awful'. If your customer does not want to rate you after a review they can select 'Rating not Relevant'. The more positive Reggie Ratings your company gets, the higher you will be placed on the 'Top Rated' board.
What if I am unhappy about a review of my company or want to respond?
If you feel a customer review of your company is in anyway false or misleading, you can use the 'Spam' feature to report it to us. If you would like to challenge or respond to a review publicly, you can use the 'reply' option. You must be logged in to your company account to action this.
How can you offer this service for free?
Freerangereview.com is an important website with a strong focus. It is supported financially by other companies that care about the issue of quality local food and supporting our communities.
How do I add photos to my company profile?
If your company is registered and activated, you will be able to log in to your profile. To add photos simply select the 'Gallery' option and upload the images to your profile. The system will automatically resize them and place them in a slide show.
I have not registered my company so why does it show in the listings?
Freerangereview.com, as well as being a new food community website is also the upgraded version of our other system, vegboxschemes.co.uk. If your company was registered by one of your customers or by yourselves to this system, as either a meat supplier or veg supplier, your details will also show here.
My company is listed but I don't have a username or password to update my profile?
In this instance, please contact us using the contact us form on the left menu and we'll send you a username and password by email or post.
How do I remove my company from the listings?
Freerangereview.com has been launched to help boost the profile of companies that produce and sell food locally by letting their customers talk about them online. It's a positive website with a positive message and we hope its fun too. However if you are sure that you want to remove your company, please use our contact form to tell us. Please include your company name and postcode in the message box. Sorry to see you go and we hope to see you again soon.
Your Questions
There are loads of great producers in my area none on the web site how do I add them?
We felt you had a valid point and it was a little confusing that in order to add a company you first needed to go through the user registration page. So we have renamed the 'user registration' page ' Add your favourite food companies!' on the left menu which we hope makes this much clearer. Thanks!
I would like to upload a picture, however, mine are all too large (in centimetre terms). What size does the picture need to be to display in the small box? By Cathy
The system will resize images for you so simply upload the image you have, whatever the size may be.

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