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Putting the voice of local food online.


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Freerangereview.com has been launched to bring the people who buy local food closer to the people who produce/sell it. And vice versa!


It’s not a campaign site, but it does believe that local food is best! It helps to promote seasonality, it's better for our communities and it's better for the environment.


Every village, town and city has its local food stars, companies that make the extra effort to source locally or produce high quality foods for an ever more aware consumer to enjoy.


However, competition couldn’t be tougher and for the local food company, the best and sometimes the only form of promotion is through recommendation and word of mouth from their loyal customer base.


Freerangereview.com aims to put this voice of local food online. A food community where people really can shout about what’s great on their doorsteps and where they can spread the word too, either by reviewing companies that are listed or suggesting those that are not.


The site is committed to boosting the profile of local food companies and encouraging their customers to review what’s on offer and is completely free for both to use.


The main site will go live before Christmas. If you run your own website, forum or blog please consider posting this statement or perhaps one of our banners or a link which can be found on this page.  


"Freerangereview.com looks set to make local food the talk of the town!"
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