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You may know River Cottage from our television series and books.  Our name originates from the original River Cottage in rural Dorset, where Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall started living in 1998, determined to start growing and rearing some of his own food.

Following Hugh’s rewarding experiences there, he decided to establish several other ‘River Cottage’ ventures, which have a common aim: to inform and entertain, while promoting the value of good, local food, ethically produced, and  with respect for seasonality and the environment. 

In the context of such values, we are delighted to support Free Range Review.  We believe that this site will help you source good food, produced with care, and with ethically-sound methods.  Why not spread the word? 

Want to know more about River Cottage?

River Cottage projects include River Cottage HQ, a base for courses and events, and a Local Produce Store and Canteen in Axminster, Devon.  We are not a charity, but we do aim to be a ‘more than profit’ organisation.  Among other things, this means we link to, and support, other likeminded organisations, some of which are indeed charities.  For more details of our projects, and further information on River Cottage values, visit www.rivercottage.net.


Free Range Review supports River Cottage's 'Chicken Out!' campaign


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