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Broughton Water Buffalo - Stockbridge - Farm Produce

Manor Farm
SO20 8AN
United Kingdom
Tel: 01794 301031
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Updated: 12.06.08
An organic water buffalo farm producing delicious buffalo meat - akin in taste to quality beef - that is naturally lower in fat and low in cholesterol.

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AvatarMurphdog (12.06.08)
I cannot recommend their buffalo meat enough. The (fore)rib joint makes an excellent roast, or can be cut into fantastic steak florentine (rub with oil, rosemary, salt & pepper). Best method of cooking is as per HFW's Meat book (very high for a short time then much lower for a longer time) - cook as per beef but reduce the time a little.
You can buy direct from them at Winchester's Farmers Market (see The bones make a great stock (I add dried porchini, red wine and seasonings).
They also do other cuts (which are a bit easier on the pocket) and make very tasty burgers and mince.
You should try it, I've yet to find a beef that rivals it for flavour & tenderness.

Rated as: Excellent

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