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Butts Farm Rare Breeds & Farm Shop - Cirencester - Farm Shop

Butts Farm, South Cerney
United Kingdom
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Updated: 28.11.07
This award winning farm shop run by master butcher Gary Wallace is dedicated to promoting the exceptional benefits of rare breed meat. Enjoy the farm’s own home cured bacon, superb sausages, free range eggs, and local vegetables. All our stock is raised traditionally in a natural stress-free environment, producing meat of outstanding quality and flavour which is pure, simple and delicious. The Butts Farm Rare Breeds is the shopping experience not only can you buy the best local produce all year round, but also visit the farm animals from February to October. Join in the exciting daily programme of events.

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Avatarwilsonschoice (06.01.14)
Ironically I have joined free range review today as I was becoming less and less happy with this vendor and wished to search for a different farm shop local(ish) to us in Cirencester. I cannot put my finger exactly on what has caused to me to have second thoughts, but just a general feeling that prices have increased and service has decreased proportionately. In thirty words or less I would say that despite the many awards Butts Farm Rare Breeds Shop have received it feels rather average from a customer's point of view.

Rated as: Average
Avatarmaggie1974 (27.12.12)
Not wholly sure what has happened to this once lovely place. Not shopped there for over 18 months (change of personal circumstances) but travel took me past their door so I couldn't resist. The atmosphere has really changed and it now seems an unhappy place. Grumpy staff and, my goodness, how much the prices have risen. It was so good and I genuinely think it has now become mediocre.

Rated as: Awful
I used Butts Farm Shop as a supplier ofr a while but have since found somewhere else that in my opinion is preferable. I had noticed a distinct reduction in the quality of service and coupled with the steadily increasing prices (also commented on by others) I felt that my custom had become very much taken for granted. Whilst I have praise for their merchandise, for me, customer service and pricing is important particularly as to find independant small scale or artisan suppliers one has to invariably travel to some degree, which incurs both a time and cost factor. When one has made the effort it is disappointing to be greeted almost as if one is an inconvenience. My suggestion is look for yourselves as your experiences may be better than my own. For pricing and often disdainful service I am, (with great sadness) only able to mark Butts Farm shop as "poor".

Rated as: Poor
AvatarPetes (08.11.12)
Was not sure what to make of this place, and as this is my first review, and was also my first visit to this local food supplier I will try to be as objective as possible. OK - range of goods I thought was pretty good. Prices - I thought very high, even in comparison to other specialist shops I felt it was on the extremely pricey side. Ease of finding - It's easy enough to find, although has a restricted entranceway (one car at a time) so would not want to be there when it was busy. Service - This is a little awakeard as I clearly caught them at a bad time as a row was going on in the back room, this was embarassing and more than a little awkward. The young guy serving me was clearly also embarassed as he could obviously hear it too - very awkward.

Rated as: Poor
AvatarGary K (14.10.08)
Excellent Farm shop and butchery with a relaxed atmosphere specialising in home reared rare breed meat that is second to none. The Homemade sausages, home cured bacon, rare breed pork, beef lamb and poultry with regular in season produce such as Venison, rabbit, pigeon, partridge etc are all first class and supplemented by Gary and his teams knowledge. In addition to the butchers, Butts farm also stock locally sourced seasonal vegetebles complete with mud, cheeses, Free range eggs, pies and bread. On Thursdays you can order fresh fish that is delivered on a Friday morning straight from the boat.

Conveniently located just off the A419, Butts Farm Shop is a complete gem of a place and a must for both locals and passers by. A must for all foodies!

Rated as: Excellent
Avatarjeffbrowning (18.01.08)
the meat is amazing and the butchers knowledge is really helpful. veg selection is very good too. worth a trip out.

Rated as: Excellent

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