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Kingfisher Farm Shop - Abinger Hammer, Dorking - Farm Shop

Kingfisher Farm Shop
Abinger Hammer, Dorking
United Kingdom
Tel: 01306 730703
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Updated: 14.05.08
Growing watercress has been the backbone of this family business since 1851. It is grown in spring water without the use of fertilisers or insecticides.
The farm shop offers a large range of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh and frozen meats, bread, cakes, pies and biscuits can be found alongside local honey, jams, chutneys and a range of wholefood products. Dairy products include milk, cream, icecream and a wide range of cheeses.
Fresh cut flowers, seasonal and exotic blooms can be found in the flower shop.
We source locally and british were ever possible, whether edible or ornamental.

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AvatarAllotment girl (28.05.16)
Our first visit to this farm shop and looking forward to it as it had such good write up/reviews. Started in the flower shop and was served by a lovely, knowledgeable assistant.
We then went into the farm shop itself. Not as much choice as other farm shops we have been to, but the main thing that struck us was the atmosphere. In the back part of the shop was an older male member of staff apparently harrasing a female customer who clearly did not want to engage. We then went to pay for our produce. With no one at the tills, we realised that one of the female staff was serving a customer who had gone to get other goods. The other girl then asked the people behind us to come round and be served. Both girls were completely gormless. When we commented that we were next, the staff were extremely rude. Regardless of how good their produce may be (we don't know as we walked out), service this poor, and where customers are clearly not valued, means we will not be returning and share with our friends to steer well clear.

Rated as: Awful
AvatarSally (14.05.08)
This is my nearest farm shop and it's a really special foodie place to visit. I love the fact that they take a lot of trouble to source their food locally, and often grow it themselves (especially the watercress, which is yummy - this farm shop used to be a watercress farm and still grows the stuff beautifully). You can also find an unusually wide choice of varieties - they generally have about three types of potato and several kinds of brassica over the winter, including relatively unusual stuff like romanescu and purple sprouting broccoli. Also the only place in the area (including supermarkets) that I could source Yorkshire-grown forced rhubarb this spring.

And all that's before I've got onto the deli at the back - which stocks loose frozen food, gorgeous locally-sourced jams, chutneys, biscuits and crisps, and local meat and cheese too. This is a really fantastic place - go visit!

Rated as: Excellent
AvatarHat (14.05.08)
This place is excellent, stocked with fresh, local (seasonal by definition) produce, which is labelled clearly with the supplier name and contact details (if they retail themselves).

Wonderful vegetables and their homegrown watercress is peppery and very special indeed. Fantastic in soups galore :)

Rated as: Excellent

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